8 Week Curriculum Plan

Learning Outcomes
Week 1
This module introduces The One Page Business Plan® and the Global Business Plan Contest.

Elements of this session include a brief overview of the One Page methodology, and how this powerful document can be used in many different business and professional situations to quickly and effectively communicate the essence of any business idea or concept in less than five minutes.

The second part of this session will include an introduction to the web-based One Page Business Plan and how students will write their one-page plans on-line.

The third part of this session will be an overview of the Global Business Plan Contest.

Students learn that everyone sells throughout their career — even if their profession is not sales.

Success is always dependent upon others understanding the essence of one’s business, project, ideas and concepts.

The art of communication is a life-long challenge.

Week 2 Vision Statements


What are we building?

This module introduces the Vision Statement and its capability to graphically describe the essence of any business in one to three short sentences.

Students will experience two interactive exercises that demonstrate not only how to quickly create a Vision Statement, but also the power of working with a planning partner.

Students learn the power of key words and short phrases.

Fewer, well-chosen words are much more effective in conveying a concept than trying to do it impromptu which is the way most of us speak.

The change of a single word can dramatically affect the nature of the business being built.

Week 3 Mission Statements


Why are we building this business?

This module focuses on understanding the power of a well-crafted Mission Statement and how to write one in six words or less.

Mission Statements are powerful statements that can be the catalyst for action. These statements tell our customers what they can expect from our products and services…they can also be very powerful in focusing a company’s resources.


The interactive exercises in this module frequently receive the highest rating because they are highly interactive, involving the entire classroom and always produce highly provocative Mission Statements that clearly describe why the subject business exists and why customers will buy its products and services.

Students experience and learn the impact of emotion on the sales process.

Understand the difference between features and benefits…and that customers almost always buy the benefits, not the features.

Learn how the change of a single word can dramatically change a company’s unique sales proposition.

Week 4 Strategies

How will we build this business?

What will make it successful over time?

This module focuses on the development of Strategy Statements that will define how a company is going to be built and managed.

Using case studies, students interact in small groups to quickly define the key strategies necessary to grow, manage and increase the value of a business over time.

Since the One Page format only allows for nine strategies, each no more than one line long, students must capture and explain in key words and short phrases that they understand not only the industry, but also that they can convince the reader of the One Page Plan that they have a successful blueprint for building this business.

Students learn the process of integrating all of their inter-disciplinary studies, both in academia and real life to create a compelling story of how they are going to build a successful business.

Balance brevity with being convincing.

Business is complex; it takes a lot of expertise in many areas to build a successful one.

Week 5 Objectives


What will we measure?


This module focuses on the art and science of performance measurement and how it influences resource allocation issues and the management of people.

The case studies in this module require students to understand the difference between activity and results and how predefined results can and will drive behavior.

Students learn process of quantifying customers expected results from discrete business actions.

All actions produce something that can be measured.

Find the right mix of financial and operational metrics to be convincing.

Week 6 Plans

What is the work to be done?

This module focuses on the creation of the work plan that defines the major business building and/or infrastructure projects necessary to implement the strategies and achieve the objectives.

The case studies require the students to identify, analyze, prioritize and properly time-sequence the key business building activities necessary to advance the business in the next 12 months.

Students learn the process of defining and sequencing the major projects necessary to build a business.

Balance timetable with available resources.

The tendency is to plan projects for the next 4 — 8 weeks; planning for a whole year requires contemplation.

Week 7 and
Week 8
Articulating the One Page Business Plan These sessions are dedicated to practicing the delivery of The One Page Business Plan as a presentation to a potential investor, a banker, a significant partner or to a Board of Directors.

Students will orally present their One Page Plans to their class in approximately ten minutes for either a business they are creating or for a business or a non-profit that they volunteered to work with. Classmates will provide constructive critiques both in writing and orally.

Students learn that ten minutes goes by extremely fast.

Reading a One Page Plan will not be convincing, regardless of how well-written it is.

Learn to tell the "story" of their business with just enough facts and details to convince the audience that the business is viable, but leave them wanting to schedule a meeting to learn more.

Quickly create intrigue; establish credibility!

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