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“The One Page Business Plan is an out-and-out winner. Period. It makes great sense to me as a so-called business thinker. But the acid test was applying it to a start-up I co-founded. We spent several days drafting our one pager – and have been editing it ever since. It is a powerful, living document; the very nature of which has led us to important new insights. The One Page Business Plan = the proverbial better mouse trap!”

-Tom Peters, author of
In Search of Excellence
Thriving on Chaos
Liberation Management
The Pursuit of Wow!
And The Circle of Innovation


About the One Page Business Plan Company

The One Page Business Plan Company is an international consulting firm specializing in planning and performance management systems based upon innovative and proven One Page Business Plan methodology.

The company provides consulting, training, enterprise software, e-learning systems and workshops with over 460 licensed consultants. Its innovative web-based enterprise planning and performance management tools are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for CEOs across the country (Partial client list) because of its ability to quickly produce a set of plans that the entire organization can understand and implement. Plans are created using a proprietary methodology based on the best-selling book, The One Page Business Plan. The methodology enables leaders to fully engage their executive teams through a highly collaborative process of creating, sharing and aligning plans enterprise-wide. The web-based system uniquely links performance scorecards directly to text-based objectives to facilitate tracking results and creating an environment of accountability.

The company was established in 1990 by Jim Horan and is located in Berkeley, California. Today The One Page Business Plan Company is rapidly becoming recognized as a leader with its innovative planning and performance management products, software, consulting and training services.

Consulting services include complete strategic and business planning capabilities using the One Page Methodology. Our programs are geared to produce a set of integrated, aligned plans in four weeks or less and then we will facilitate or monitor your monthly business review meetings to help keep you and your team on track. Our work is generally with the executive team and their direct reports, but can extend to the entire management and professional team.

We specialize in fast growing companies experiencing rapid change and work equally well with young managers and Fortune 500 executives.

Jim Horan is the President and CEO of the One Page Business Plan Company and author of "The One Page Business Plan"... the best selling business planning book on He is also the developer of The One Page Planning and Performance System.

Jim founded the company after nearly two decades in senior level financial positions with Shaklee Corporation and Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Over the past 17 years, his company has helped thousands of businesses achieve sustainable cash flow and profit growth. Mr. Horan speaks to audiences all across the United States, helping business owners and CEOs systematically make their businesses more profitable. Jim has the unique ability to take complex business situations and make them simple.

Tom Peters, the author of Thriving on Chaos and In Search of Excellence, calls the One Page Business Plan an out and out winner... Period! Peters has been quoted as saying "It makes great sense to me as a so-called ‘business thinker.’ The One Page Business Plan = the proverbial better mousetrap!"



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